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February 2014


    The Old Biscuit Mill Market

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    A good weekend has never been complete without a trip to The Old Biscuit Mill on a Saturday morning. This weekend was no exception as we headed off to Woodstock to indulge in good food and company.

    First things first – we walked straight to Luke Dale Roberts rosti stall. This has become second nature to me, as a visit to the Biscuit Mill without one of Luke’s rosti’s with a poached egg, salmon and hollandaise sauce is no visit at all.

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    My salmon rosti was joined with a refreshing Rooibos, lemon, orange and ginger iced tea – a brunch for champions.

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    One of my favourite stalls is the florist in the entrance. I bought three bright proteas from the vast selection of flowers to choose from.

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    After we had eaten and the flowers had been bought, we wondered around the market, amongst the large crowds of people.


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    I love The Old Biscuit Mill market in particular to any other market in Cape Town because inspiration can be found everywhere in one visit there. From fresh food ideas to creative street art found just outside in the trendy neighbourhood. It’s a great spot for people watching as a large diverse group of people – young and old – come out to shop and enjoy artisan food, decor and clothing.


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