Bread, Wine and a Great Time



I’m going to say it straight – I love bread. I love ciabatta. I love rye. I even love that white government sodium, chemical loaded loaf “bread” stuff. As a carb enthusiast you can only imagine my excitement when we got a booking at Bread and Wine on Moreson Wine Estate a few weeks ago. Located in beautiful Franshoek, it was the perfect excuse and longed for opportunity to ditch the somewhat traumatising low-carb lifestyle. I was pretty darn excited. Carbs are my life.

We arrived at Moreson after an hour long drive feeling peckish and in the mood for a lazy Sunday of drinking wine and eating tasty things. The wine estate is beautiful. To get to the restaurant you walk through a path of roses, which smell like heaven and make you feel as if you’re holidaying somewhere European – I’m always happiest when I’m feeling European. The trees surrounding the outside dining area had all transformed into red and orange Autumnal shades. Eating al fresco is also the best way of eating – and it was the perfect day to do so. Not too hot, a warm breeze and I could wear a really cool hat.

The group of us approached our table, and that was when it truly all began. Placed right in the centre of where we would be demolishing our three course meal – a bread platter. I’ll repeat – not a bread basket. A bread platter. A selection of thin flax seed cracker breads, a ciabatta and the best darn focaccia I’ve ever had 8 slices of.


The Starter: I ordered the Salted Plum, Radish and White Bean Hummus salad and it came with a ciabatta cracker bigger than my face. The thinly sliced plums had been seasoned and then preserved with salt and were packed with flavour. The radishes looked beautiful, but unfortunately not much was done with them. It was only a salad but it was such a cheffy salad. Light, crunchy and a bit of a break from the carb overload I fueled my body with after one hell of a bread platter.


The Main: I ordered the Seared Yellow Fin Tuna with an Edamame Spring roll. Not my usual choice, but when in Moreson! The tuna was gorgeous, but my favourite part was the spring roll. Holy guacamole. I’ve eaten and made my fair share of spring rolls and honestly, I don’t know how the chefs at Moreson did it. The pastry was crunchy and the Asian filling was a mix of flavours I have never experienced before. No grease or mystery meats hidden inside there, it was perfect.


The Dessert: Stracciatella Mouse with Raspberry coulis and sorbet. My Nonna used to make incredible Stracciatella ice cream – this was better. Chocolately, nutty and full-on decadence. As I previously mentioned, I do try my best to keep my sugar addiction at a low during the work week and I’ll tell you that this dessert was well worth not having abs. I have a ridiculous sweet tooth and because of this, the mousse and tarte sorbet were well appreciated. After the nostalgia of my Italian Nonna faded away and my sugar cravings were once again ignited, I was craving even more of the sweet stuff.


And thus, The Sweet Platter arrived just in time. As our Friandises, the table shared this life changing course. Think almond and vanilla macarons, dark chocolate fudge, peanut brittle, pistachio nougat and confit citrus. It was the perfect ending to a day of lunching. Sundays are meant for relaxing, family and travelling to beautiful wine estates to eat food in mass amounts. We traveled home full of good food, ready for the week ahead and already wanting to go back to beautiful Moreson one more time.

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