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Chök – The Chocolate Kitchen, Barcelona



Address: Carrer del Carme, 3, 08001 Barcelona, Spain

Phone: +34 933 04 23 60

One of the many great things about the people who live in Barcelona is how much they care about food. Chök was my first taste of Barcelona’s creative food culture and one of my favourites. A whole eatery dedicated to chocolate and chocolate lovers – I felt very comfortable there.


Walk into the tiny store and you’ll be greeted by a whole wall of artistically decorated doughnuts. After pondering for a short while on how I would recreate this exact doughnut wall in my own bedroom back in Cape Town, I was suddenly confronted with a vast selection of sweet and savoury cronuts, berlinas, marshmallows, macarons, cookies and truffles. And chocolate pasta. CHOCOLATE PASTA. All of which looked just as good as they tasted.


A highlight of my Chök experience was speaking with staff on what they had to offer. The chef in the back and the two waiting staff were so friendly, easy-going and just as excited as I was to try a Chök goodie for the first time.


As my first Chök endeavour was on my birthday, it was necessary to go all out.  I’m not going to list everything I ate that day, because I ate everything that day. My favourite treat was the Mango Crème Chocolate cronut, which was the best birthday “cake” I have ever and will ever be blessed with.



I owe Chök and all the people who work there / created the beautiful spot a massive thank you. Not only because the staff were so kind and the food was incredible, but because out of all the places I visited in Barcelona, this is one I have to go back to. If you’re not planning on going to Barcelona anytime soon, check out the video link below and experience a little bit of the wonder that Chök has to offer.


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