On Turning 21

on turning 21

I’ve just celebrated my 21st birthday and holy moly me oh my have I been doing some personal reflection (even more than usual believe it or not). Adulthood has never felt closer and I’m kind of freaking out (the good kind of freaking out that’s actually disguised as a stressful excitement). I thought that writing down some experiences I’d like to have in my twenties would be a good start at actually getting them done. Although I’ve always rough idea of the things that matter to me (food, friends, family, lots of f’s) it’s a list I’m happy to put down in words *how wonderful life is, now that you’re in the worrrrrld.* Um, anyway. Let’s get going on that life-planning, twenties-achieving list.



  1. Live in Barcelona (for at least three months!)
    If you know me you’d know how obsessed I am with Barcelona. I visited the city during my 20th birthday and I’ve dreamed about going back every single day since.
  1. Expand my cooking horizons.
    Since graduating from culinary school I’ve been cooking a lot less. I’d love to be the type of gal who cures her own prosciutto and makes her own camembert. That is some inspirational foodie sh*t.
  1. Get into yoga. Or cardio. Or literally anything to do with fitness.
    I’ve never regretted doing exercise and I always feel good after moving around, so I’d like to make exercise part of my routine instead of something I chose to procrastinate all of the time.
  1. Read every single Harry Potter book (or at least watch the films).
    I’ve completely missed out on some generational phenomena here. I’ve never been one for magic and wizards but millions of fans can’t be wrong.
  1. Learn how to surf.
    Swimming in the sea is my #1 favourite thing in the entire world. I’d love to start going for surfs and spending more time near the ocean.
  1. Become a parallel parking queen.
    This may just be the toughest one on the list as parking/driving has never been my forte. If I learn how to confidently parallel park I’d really be going places (both emotionally and physically).
  1. Watch better films.
    I literally only watch rom-coms. I used to love watching thought-provoking, foreign films but lately I always find myself picking the funny, Ryan Gosling way out. Not anymore.
  1. Eat my way through Italy with my family of friends.
    There’s a possibility that myself, sister and two of our oldest friends could be visiting Italy next year. It’s a special place as my mom’s family is from Lucca and also, who doesn’t love Italian food.
  1. Travel solo through Europe (or the world).
    And journal everything.
  2. Make a plan to stop being so damn anxious.
    I’ve learnt recently that when real stuff goes down everyday worries such as deadlines and what people think don’t matter one bit. I want to stop stressing all of the small stuff and being so hard on myself all of the time.
  1. Write a cookbook. Or a normal book.
    Blogs are cool but books are way cooler. Books have always been my first love, having a physical copy filled with pages of what I love and care about = life goal.
  2. Improve my photography.
    Despite being a VSCO cam filter expert, I’d like to learn how to use a DSLR camera instead of my iPhone (even though it’s so conveinent!).
  1. Figure out how to use WordPress.
    Because I still have zero idea of what I’m doing on here and I’ve been blogging for ±3 years.
  2. Work with Rachel Khoo or Jamie Oliver.
    My two food inspirations for as long as I’ve been really into cooking (and eating), the opportunity to work with them would be a dream.
  3. Find my personal style.
    This one is really important to me. I feel like the best version of myself when I’m wearing clothes that express my identity and the type of person I’d like to be. You affect the people around you (and maybe even the world) based on how you’re feeling, so I’d like to feel like my best self all of the time.
  4. Get glowing skin.
    I’ve had sensitive skin my entire life, and I think I’ve finally found the right regime and skincare that works for me. Now only time and drinking tons of water will tell if I’ll ever have J Lo-esque glowy skin (and I really, really hope to).
  5. Open up my own restaurant.
    In a few years time I’d love to have a space of my own where people can eat good food, buy beautiful produce and feel inspired. (I’ve already put my restaurant’s playlist together so this one just has to happen).
  6. Eat some of the World’s Best Restaurants.
    I’ve dreamed of dining at restaurants like El Bulli or Nomu for years. After watching both seasons of Chef’s Table, I’ve realized how many more inspirational and beautiful restaurants are out there to discover.
  7. Learn how to make latte art.
    I need to know how baristas make those leaves.
  8. Learn how to do make up like this.
    Ania Swarcolqw is my dream make up artist. Look at that glow!
  1. Get crazy fit.
    Becoming totally body confident would be incredible.


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