A Morning of Coffee Creation with Nespresso




If we were to meet up for a cup of coffee two years ago, I’d order a cup of rooibos tea. Young and foolish, I had no idea what goodness I was missing out on. Fast forward to 2016 andI  ’m drinking more or less than three cups of coffee a day (mostly more). My love for a good flat white or espresso began in my second year of studying which involved many early mornings, long drives and a coffee bar right below my college. Today, most mornings begin with me visiting that coffee bar before even thinking about walking upstairs to class. For me, coffee means conjuring up some  for the day ahead and gathering with good friends.


A few weeks ago I was invited to the launch of Nespresso’s new V&A store, having not only one but two Nespresso machines in our house, I was excited to learn more about the brand and to drink some damn good coffee. I brought my older sister along to experience a morning of Nespresso coffee creation with me. It was a beautiful caffientated time.

Firstly, the new V&A store is gorgeous. It’s bigger, which allows for much more space when on the hunt for Nespresso capsules and new, limited edition flavours. It’s sleek and calming. I love the V&A Waterfront but it’s manic at best, the Nespresso store offers a calming oasis to sip on a coffee and just chill out. Best of all, the store puts a large emphasis on its capsule recycling system. My main man George Clooney even approves.
We spent the morning drinking and chatting all things coffee. I started with a simple Kazaar Grand Cru cappucino, which gave me the power to conjur up a Spiced Dragon Cappuccino. Think dark chocolate, pepper and froth. Too good. After that, (and by now I’d already had two cups of coffees) I sipped on a Freshspresso Orange which wasmy favourite of the day. Freshly squeezed orange juice, vanilla extract and crushed ice, so refreshing I wish I could start every morning with one (I’ll post the recipe below). In between all of that coffee drinking I managed to fit in a I Volluto espresso. I was buzzing and it was amazing.

Our coffee creation morning was filled with good coffee, passionate and creative people and all things Nespresso. Thanks for inviting me along!


The Freshpresso Orange

What you’ll need…


  • 1 x Arpeggio Grand Cru capsule
  • ½ sachet of sugar
  • 1 x small glass of fresh orange juice
  • Drop of vanilla extract
  • 20ml vanilla syrup
  • Crushed ice
  • Ice cubes


  • 2 x shakers
  • 350ml glass
  • Straw
  • Spoon


  • In the first shaker, pour the fresh orange juice, the vanilla syrup and one ice cube. Shake.
  • Put some crushed ice into the glass and pour the mixture from the first shaked on top of it.
  • Prepare the ArpeggioGrand Cru capsule in espresso (40 ml), pour it into the second shaker.
  • Add the vanilla extract, the sugar and one ice cube. Shake.
  • Gently and slowly pour the contents of this second shaker into the recipe glass (on top of the first mixture).
  • Use a spoon to pour only the liquid and retain the froth in the shaker.
  • With a spoon, take the froth trapped in the shaker and deposit it on the top of the recipe.
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