Experiencing ParkLife with Rekorderlig Cider


Last Saturday Lizanne and I got to experience the Parklife Festival with Rekorderlig Cider. If you know me, you’ll know that I love local music and Parklife’s line-up was not to be missed. Think Majozi, Al Bairre, Desmond and The Tutus, Jeremy Loops, Civil Twilight – now throw in Xaiver Rudd as an international performer and you’ve got a pretty perfect musical combo. What better way to enjoy the last few days of summer in Cape Town than to spend it at a festival, listening to good music and sipping on delicious Rekorderlig Cider (the mixed berry flavour, of course).


Once we had arrived at the festival and sipped on our first (out of many) ciders of the day, we danced along to Al Bairre. Not only is Al Bairre one of my favourite bands ever, if they’re ever looking for someone as tone-deaf and as enthusiastic as me, I’m in. I’d happily wear all of that tye-dye.


After Al Bairre, we sang and jumped along to Desmond and The Tutus. Much to my surprise, I had only ever seen Desmond live once before, which is crazy because their songs bring me so much joy and have got me dancing through traffic on most weekdays. After all of the Desmond excitement and adrenaline, we had worked up an appetite and walked straight on over to the food trucks.


Throats dry and voices gone from all of the singing we found solace in a lamb flatbread, Mecca chicken wrap and yet another Rekorderlig Cider. This time pear flavoured, it made everything better. Just as our devouring and drinking had ended, a didgeridoo beckoned (loudly!) and it was Xavier Rudd time. Cider in hand, we danced along to some seriously chilled tunes.


Thanks to Rekorderlig for inviting me along!

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