A Lunchtime Break at The Kitchen


I’m lucky enough to have college friends that appreciate good food just as much as I do. I’m also super lucky to study in Woodstock, a tiny suburb in Cape Town that’s filled with all kinds of good food and coffee spots. Although my friends and I go out for coffee almost every day (flat whites are cheaper and sometimes more necessary than food, but only sometimes!) I’m sure we’d eat out for lunch every day if we could, but our student budget makes us very selective.


Although Woodstock is jam-packed with great restaurants (Superette, Redemption Burgers, Delice Deli) when we do have the means, we usually find ourselves in a manic lunchtime queue at The Kitchen. I think we have all secretly acknowledged that other Woodstock restaurants should be explored, but none of us can ever say no to a lunchtime opportunity at The Kitchen.

A Typical Lunchtime Break at The Kitchen with Gabi: If it’s a Friday, I’ll order a Love Sandwich filled with gammon or a honey mustard sausage and share it with my good friend, KA. I’ll also get one of their sweet treats (either a lemon bar, brownie or a piece of their Guinness chocolate cake) because it’s Fri-yay and they’re usually only R6.00 (I know right! R6.00!)

If it’s any other day of the week, I’ll order their five salad plate for R70.00. The Kitchen offers a variety of innovative, seasonal salads that you can add grilled chicken, falafel, feta or other goodies to. I’m not exactly sure how often they change up the salads, but each time I’ve gone to The Kitchen (and I’ve gone loads of times) there’s been a range of different platters, some familiar and some brand new.

If I can recommend one thing, it’s whatever sweet potato dish they have on offer. I always get any kind of sweet potato dish The Kitchen creates. They cook with some kind of magic sweet potato, that no one else can get a hold of anywhere in the world. I connect with their sweet potato dishes on some kind of esoteric level that can’t be explained – order it!

Karen Dudley and her food has made The Kitchen feel a lot like home. Decorated with antique trinkets, familiar and friendly faces, along with really good food that you can truly taste all of the love they putin. No wonder my friends and I have a tough time eating out anywhere else.

Oh, and sometimes, if we’re still in need of and extra energy kick after lunch, we’ll walk over to Flat Mountain Roasters for coffee. But that’s a blog post for another time.


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